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2017-01-30 i Bodelning
Hi,what is the ladder of right of split according to the length/duration of the wedding or period of leaving together after divorce?Example to clarify my questions: If you have been married one year and then divorce how much right in % of the split of the property owned before the wedding has the other person?is it 50%, 30% and according to what length?I guess is different if you have been married 1 year or 30 years. Can you please let me know in Sweden what is the rule and where to find it?ThanksRegards,


The rule you are mentioning is found in the twelfth chapter, first article in the Marriage Code (äktenskapsbalken (1987:230)).

It can be considered unfair, that a regular division of martial proprety in case of a divorce is done with regard in particular to the duration of the marriage but also to the spouses’ financial conditions and other circumstances. Altough the intention is that the paragraph shall only be used in exception. An overall assessment have to be done to know if an adjustment in the division of proprety should be done.. A normal division of proprety can be considered unfair especially if one of the spouses have proprety of great value or if during a short marriage one spouse have inherited considarable proprety or recieved as a gift.

The adjustment in division of proprety is used in short marriages. A marriage is considered short if it has not lasted more than five years, though the period before the marriage where the spouses lived as partners (sambo) is also included in the five year period. The adjustment of division of proprety is done according to the duration of marriage, if you have been married for one year then only 1/5 of your marriage proprety is included in the division, if married two years then 2/5 and so on. If you have been married for five years or more than the rule shall not apply and all the marriage proprety of the spouses’ will be included.

I hope the answer was of any help. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Lawline again.


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