Theft and disturbance of the peace of home (stöld samt hemfridsbrott)

Hello, I am renting a room in an apartment and living with the owner. I have noticed that she has been stalking into my room and messing up my belongings, searching around, touching everything that belongs to me. I have recorded her with a hidden webcam to be sure. So when i was not around her stalking was recorded by my camera (she was not aware of it). I wrote a note to her and left it in my room saying ''please respect privacy'' (I was sure she would enter into my room again) and started recording. She was caught by the camera again( actually many times) I couldn't tell her in face that i have proof because I was afraid she could kick me out if she gets upset. I know for sure that she took and consumed my belongings without asking, stole some drinks of mine and many others that I can't even think of. I have all video files on my laptop. What should I do in this situation? She is not respecting any rules or whatsoever and when i ask not to enter my room she says you can move out if you don't like. I have been looking for new accommodation and will leave this apartment as soon as possible but I also will sue her for what she has done. I want to know what can I claim in court if I sue her? What are my rights in this very situation? I would very much appreciate if you give me some advice. King regards

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Hello, and thank you for contacting Law-Line with your legal questions.

To uninvited and without permission sneak into someone's room, or house, or to take anothers belongings, are both actions considered to be criminal. The law regulating this matter is called brottsbalken (BrB), and the two types of crime will be elaborated upon separetely in the following.

In regards to sneaking into someone's room without permission what can be said is the following. In 4 chap. 6 § BrB it is stated that a person that without permission enters anothers room will be sentenced as having committed the crime of disturbing the peace of home. The punishment for this crime is feigns, and in severe cases it can be prison for a period of up to two years. As such – what can be concluded is that you're home owner have committed this crime. What you should do in this situation is to contact the police and report the crime.

In terms of taking anothers belonings, with the intention to keep it for one's own usage, the following can be said. This is considered to be theft, and is regarded as a criminal act according to 8 chap. 1 § BrB. The punishment for this crime is at it's heigest, prison for a period of up to two years. What can be concluded is that your home owner is not only commiting the crime of disturbing the peace of home, but is also committing crime of theft. Thus – I also here suggest that you contact the police and explain your issues to them.

The evidence that you've collected will help the police in their investigation – and as such you can be quite convinced that the report you file with the police will result in a conviction.

Though with most certainty the consequence of your decision to file a report with the police will be that you become evicted. Thus I suggest that you firstly secure another living location before you file the report.

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