How much will my fine be for stolen goods?

I have stolen goods from ica worth of 154 kr, called for questioning, and admitted it and now I am waiting for the fine. My income is 277,252. How much should I expect the fine to be?

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Hello and welcome to Lawline!

Thank you for asking your question to us.

To begin with you will receive a payment card with the amount you must pay. Exactly when you will get it is difficult to answer, depending on how much the prosecutor has to do, it can either take a while or it can go quickly.

It is difficult for me to decide exactly how much you should get in fines as I do not know all the circumstances needed for the assessment e.g. if you have been punished before etc.

For minor offenses, fines are imposed, for more serious ones, daily fines are used instead.

The law that is applicable in this case is 25 kap Brottsbalken (BrB).

The daily fine shall be set at a number of at least 30 days and at most 150 days. Each daily fine is set at a certain amount from 50 SEK to 1000 SEK according to 25 kap 2 § BrB.

Fines shall be set at a minimum of 200 SEK and a maximum of 4,000 SEK. A fine is a fixed amount that is equal for everyone, while a daily fine is imposed in relation to your income, 25 kap 3 § BrB.

In a case called RH 1996:90 someone had stolen goods worth 86 SEK and received 30 days x 40 SEK = 1200 SEK in daily fines as a penalty.

The public prosecutor's office (åklagarmyndigheten) has pointed out that the starting point for a minor theft, which is a sum of 750 SEK, corresponds to approximately 80 daily fines for an adult.

In a recent case, a man that had stolen goods worth 177 SEK got a fine on 1500 SEK.

You mention that you committed petty theft for goods worth 154 SEK, therefore I would think that you will receive a fine around 1500 SEK. But as I mentioned earlier, I can't state for a fact how much the fine will be for you since I don't have the whole picture. If you receive a sum that you don't think is fair, you could appeal against the fine and refer to the legal cases above.

I wish you best of luck!


Natasha FathifardRådgivare
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