How do you divorce someone in Sweden?

2020-04-29 i Äktenskapsskillnad
Hi,I live in Sweden and my wife lives in the UK. I would like to divorce, can you please guide me through the steps?Details: we got married in cuba and the marriage is registered in the Czech Republic, where we lived before, and in Sweden, where I moved to by myself two years ago. I'm not entirely sure if she will cooperate. There are no common children.Thank you in advance!

Thanks for your question!

How do you divorce someone in Sweden?

Since I'm only familiar with swedish law, that's what I will inform you about. If you want to know how to divorce your wife in Czech Republic and Cuba, I suggest that you talk to a legal practitioner that is familiar with their law. The rules about family law are found in äktenskapsbalken (ÄktB).

If you and your wife both agree that you should end your marriage, then you are entitled to divorce without any period of consideration since you don't have a child together (5 kap 1 § ÄktB). If only you want a divorce, there needs to be a period of consideration first (5 kap 2 § ÄktB). The period of consideration is six months and starts when your wife is briefed about your pretension for divorce (5 kap 3 § ÄktB). If you have lived separated for at least two years, you don't have to wait for the period of consideration (5 kap 4 § ÄktB).

Because you aren't sure whether she will agree to the divorce, I will go through the steps if you apply alone. To be able to process your application, the court needs you to provide them with a birth certificate regarding divorce for you. You then fill out the form and send it to the tingsrätt that is located in your area, and after that pay an application fee at 900 swedish crowns. After the period of consideration (if there is one), your divorce isn't automatically completed. You need to contact the court again and say that you still want a divorce, then it will be completed. You can find the steps and the documents that you need here.

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