Can i apply for a divorce by myself?

2019-02-08 i Äktenskapsskillnad
Hello,Me and my husband got married in Philippines 4 years ago, he is swedish and im from Philippines. I gave up my Philippine citizenship when i became swedish citizen.I asked for divorce last November but he doesnt want to and wouldnt sign the papers. My question is and could i still submitt and where could i submitt the divorce papers and how long would it take to get the decision.We havent been living with other for 1 year now.

Hello and thank you for contacting Lawline with your question.

You can file for a divorce jointly or by yourself. You apply for divorce by filling out a divorce form and sending it to the court. Here is the link to the form. To apply for a divorce costs 900 kronor. You send the form to the court where you live, on the website with the form there is a link to help you find your court. If you have problems filling out the form in swedish you can contact the court and ask for help. You will have to wait six months for the decision when you apply alone (5:2 Äktenskapsbalk), after the six months you have to contend that you want the divorce, then the court will notify the decision (5:3 Äktenskapsbalk).

Thank you for contacting Lawline, if you need further guidance you can call us; 08-533 300 04

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